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La Bottega dei Monili


Our shop is a virtual collection of the best hand-made ethnic jewelry from all over the world.
Here you can find jewelry and talismans rich in symbolism, art and culture.
Indeed, they are made unique by the hands of their creators who link the past with the present.
This is a lively and colourful journey among people, races and countries of the world providing an opportunity to both see and learn of their creativity and traditions.

Celtic Symbolism (Italian version only)
By Riccardo Taraglio

Native American Symbolism
(Italian version only)
By Marco Massignan

Are you looking for a Turkish wedding ring but cannot manage to find one ?

Have you just returned from the USA but forgotten to buy your Native American "Dream- catcher" ?

Is going to Dublin the only way to buy a Torque?
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Did you know that they talk to us ?

Discover the meanings of the rune symbols and their link with your zodiac sign.

What animal are you according to the Chinese astrologists?